Work out :)

Work out :)

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Working out is important since all this chemical stuff is going on in your body. Your heart needs it, your brain needs, it but your subconscious says it will be okay, we just need to finish this and watch that, and there goes daylight and you really can’t do any exercise inside since there are people sleeping and tomorrow is another day, better get some sleep now…

Steve Peters in The Chimp Paradox (great book!) says we all have monkeys in our heads. And if the monkey does not like to exercise, you won’t exercise. You can use your willpower, but if it is late in the day, forget about it. So what to do? Well, monkeys are not that smart.  Peters says we have to trick them and yes, offering it a banana will help. Bananas are full of energy and other stuff and we will have more energy to workout.

Exercise your monkey! (no not that monkey)

So in the real world, you have to promise something to the monkey so they behave nicely, and let you do what you need to do.

Example: If we do this, you can have this. In other words, if we go to the gym, we can have that nice burger that is near the gym.

Yeah, I know it is not healthy, but we are working on your workout habits now 😀 .

So you have to give yourself purpose to workout. Have a clear goal. Sometimes goals are not that far ahead and are there more for motivation.

Do yourself a favor and watch this video, if this is the only thing you do today, just take 10 minutes and watch it:

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In this video, an ex-marine explains how to do 700 burpees (exercise designed to make you burp or even throw up, it’s so demanding). Long story short, he trained his monkey (mind!!) that he needed to make only one burpee, and when he is finished, he must do one more again and so on until he reached 700, and then everybody stopped watching and told him to stop 🙂



Have you already become extraordinary?

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