Why Creating Habits Will Make You Question Everything

Why Creating Habits Will Make You Question Everything

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One day I wake up, like all the other mornings, but I was determined to stay awake and be productive and when I saw a couch in my living room, I could not go past him without saying hello and sit there for just 5 minutes, it would be rude. So I set and soon I would lie and soon it would be 45 minutes and not 5 and I just overslept again. Ahhhh story of my life.

But next night I was even more determined to wake up productive, so I thought about it and say, why don’t I take a picture thru my window and post it to facebook, this will give me enough time to become awake and not go back to sleep.  I took pictures of my morning for 30 days and posting it to facebook without anything else 🙂 And friends started to ask why? Here is my answer 🙂


The first question you have to make when creating habits is why. Why the fuck do you want to do it? It is a simple question, but it brings an important question! If you have an enough important reason, then you have much more chance for habits to stick, since when you hit the wall of “ufff I don’t feel like it” you can remind yourself what, are you doing this for.

Do you want to quit smoking? Why?  Because is bad for you? Because the sticker on your box say so? Did you saw an ad on TV?  Those are all reasons but are not very good ones, they are not personal.

More personal are like: I like to run, but I can’t because my lungs don’t let me. I like to go  into mountains, but I get too much without air when I walk or I give my kids a bad example of what they should do in their life. This are all your personal reasons which are more connected with you, so when your good or bad habit starts think about this and think about how you feel and if you would like to feel like this.


One of the mornings when I woke up.
One of the mornings when I woke up.

How to find triggers

Okey, now that we know, why we are doing this, let see when can we do this.

For forming habits and for breaking habits (more about that in next post) we need triggers. Something to remind us to do the habit that we need to do.

The trigger is usual another act. My morning looks like this now.

My alarm sound and I have to scan ean code in my bathroom to stop it from ringing. I have a bird song for alarm so it is not so annoying. Then I open a cold water and rinse my face with cold cold water 3 times. After this, I brush my teeth and do 10 squats. I’m capable of doing much more but to get the blood flowing   this is enough 🙂 After that I use the toilet and everything else.

So my reason for waking up early is to write this lines. It is a personal challenge to set up this blog and means a lot to me so I will do it no matter what. My first trigger is, of course, an alarm clock. The second trigger is shutting down alarm and washing face with cold water. I do this to stay awake. Brushing teeth to stay awake did nothing to me, even squats did nothing, this is my thing to wake up and go into production mode.

Your triggers can be anything from entering a kitchen and have a glass of water, to when a commercial start on TV that you do 5 pushups or set up a poster of your idol and every time you see it, remind yourself there will be no eating after 18:00.

Funny enough is that I have this urge to do pushups when I put my jeans on… Strange but hey don’t fight the feeling so I do 10 pushups 🙂 This is very important to watch your body how it reacts. I tried drinking a glass of water when I first wake up. I did it for a full week, but I did not feel well, my stomach hurt and I was all fuzzy and not in a great mood. So I stopped 🙂 If it feels wrong it is wrong! Don’t fight your body, help him. You can do this by changing your environment. Put your alarm in the bathroom, setup the yoga math night before. Have your headphones ready to go for meditation, think what you need the night before.

Steve Pavlina is one of the best self-help bloggers, he said that you should train this thru the day, to have a dry run, before things get serious. This way you convince the brain that when an alarm goes off you go to.

Next thing is the idea from Nik ( https://niklasgoeke.com/) that we are warriors and we will not surrender! I think about this every time I splash myself with cold water… Hey, I did not kill anybody but I defeated most brutal enemy today. MYSELF!  



How to from routine

When your trigger fires, you just have to do it. No thinking  about it, no not today, my legs are sore, my head is pounding.  Just do it! You will thank me latter.

Be mindful with your routine, think about how are you feeling are you under stress, are you enjoying this or are you doing this just because I said so?  

Adjust your routine, start small and don’t be too quick too go on next level, there is no new castle to be torn down, there is no  princess to save, there is just you and your habits. Rome was not built in a day and all that shit 🙂

What is your reward?

We left the battle victorious, another battle won. It’s time to celebrate, bring out the wine and pigs!

No really, this is equally important step than any other you have to give your brain and yourself a reward, a pat on a back a big smile, 5 deep breaths or anything like that. Be mindful about what you just done and be proud of yourself.

But that your progress will not go in vain, brag yourself even if it is to your phone. I fully enjoy pressing next number in a chain that I have completed the habit that I did. Use forums, if the forum that you like does not have “let’s do pushups every day” you can create it. Inform your friends on facebook. I did this thing that I post pictures of where I wake up every day on facebook, and friends were like what the hell are you doing?!   This all can motivate you and gives you more energy to do it next time and next time and before you know it it will be the end of the month and you just keep on  going 🙂

Your actions for this time:

  1. Find your Why
  2. Find triggers
  3. Reward yourself

So here is your reward 😉


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