Sometimes you just need to relax

Sometimes you just need to relax

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When I was in high school, I had some problems with school, my grades were not as they should be and my dad asked me. “Do you know how to learn”. At that time I was sure that I know the answer. “Sure dad, whatever dad, no problem dad” I answered, meaning I got this no problem. You just open a book read what is there and try to remember this next day. Got it! But as you may know from your own experience this is not how this goes. So I struggle and struggle and somehow got thru this high school mess.

Going to college was more or less the same thing, then I realized that I need to have a system, that there have to be better ways for me to do this and this is how my journey of improving myself started. With plans, goals, hard work, goofing and all other college things.

But as much as learning and hard work, that you can read all about it how to be productive and how can you do more in less time, people seems to forget how to relax. Sure thing dad… I just lay down in front of TV and wait for 2 hours and voila, relaxed and ready to go. Well not so fast. With age comes less time for regeneration and need to have more quality time for myself.

The question is how do you relax in short amount and max effect?

Not an easy one to answer…

Here are some ideas:

Go for a walk. This can be done alone so you can munch on what was your day like, what to do what to forget and so on. You can do it with girlfriend/friend, you can tell what was your day like, make some plans and be in a company of somebody that you like.

Go for a run. Get that heart pumping and break a sweat, when you are thinking about losing a lounge or how your feet hearts all other problems are not there. Fun times

Not for sports? Try meditation. Use program like calm or headspace. 10 min a day is enough to rewire your brain and lift that spirits up. Another option is that you listen to and just do nothing much brain intensive.

We are not barbarians, so we watch TV of course. But watch something interesting. Shows that have a great grade. IMDB 7 + and while you do that, don’t do anything else. Be fully there appreciate every joke and every event. You will get more out of it. Set some rules, I will watch 2 shows and then I’m going to do this and that.

Read a book, comic book, magazine,…

This are just a few suggestions. Explore what you like and do more of it
Next week we are going to see how you can start meditating and if this is for you or is this just a big box of nothing.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email I read and reply all emails.


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