Set your mind the right way!

Set your mind the right way!

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You can just scroll the news, and you can see the mindsets of people. Tech guys, that makes something possible that was not possible yesterday. You see politics that are hanging to their theory and are often closed in a bubble. You can see people from all over the world doing something crazy. Now some percent of them all nut jobs. Most of them have a mindset, that everything is possible and they will make everything to make dreams come true.

Lucky for you and me is that this is a thing that can be taught and with little practice, you too can be that guy or girl that will move the earth.

Our mindset is natural to us. It keeps us alive in the most difficult times and can play a role in demanding, but not life threatening, times.  It’s the way we react to the challenges that we have out in the world, and that the world gives us.

You must have heard the expression “keep the positive mind or mindset”. People mistake this as meaning that we always need to be happy, but the truth is that if you are always happy, it’s the same as always being angry or bitter. You are just nuts!! 🙂

So as everything here, you can train your mindset bit by bit and make it more open to new suggestions. Helping you to embrace new healthy habits that you will create for yourself.

In theory, there are two kinds of mind set:

Growth → where people have this naturally, they are more open to new ideas and suggestions, not just political or religious issues, but also have far fewer problems with logical thinking and solving problems in school and work.

Example of growth mindset :

“I’m not sure I can do it now, but I think I can learn to, with time and effort.”

Fixed →

These types of mindsets are fixed in their own mind and don’t like to do it any other way since they are convinced that this is the only true and right way.

Example of fixed mindset:

“What if you fail? — you’ll be a failure.”

So it really depends on how you look at the world, and all the challenges that are there for you to overcome.

Why mindset is better than willpower

Willpower is only a limited source of your activity. You have to use it to get out of bed and to decide what to wear, and which shoes to put on.

So when you come home to do housework, play with the children and enjoy your evening with your significant other or go jogging … Your willpower is depleted, and all you can do is sit on the couch and mindlessly watch TV.

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But if you have a smart mindset you can trick your body into doing something, that would normally see impossible!

“Baah, it’s too hot/cold/windy to go jogging. ”

“I will clean this up later. ”

“I will fix this on a weekend when I have more time. “

The weekend comes, the weekend goes, and that thing is still not fixed. Sound familiar?

With the right mindset and right growth of habits, those things will “do itself” and you will still have more energy and more time for other things. Including hanging out in your back garden and drinking beer 🙂

Take away and to do’s:

Think about which mindset you are accustomed to?

Do you think you can change these things in life?



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