Insert curse word here

Insert curse word here

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There is a book called f**k it. Star should be polite but they have their own meaning.  In first few pages it says: Even if you only say fuck it and say it out loud and it brings some release and you are calmer then before. The theory that is becoming practice is that we think about things to much, we take on problems that are not important, we insist in jobs that are not right for us, we insist in relationships that are not good for us, but this is easier and we are afraid to move on to better places. Constant stress, constant fear and thinking what I should do know, is she cheating on me, will she leave me, will I get fired, did I do enough, should I do more? This all takes an on your health, problems that are not associated with these emerge and people get sick for no good reason.

So fuck, the job that is making you unhappy, you deserve better, you can get a better job.

Fuck your partner, who does not respect  and love you, there is a lot of fish in the sea

Fuck those people that say you can’t make it.

Fuck those people that say you can’t be yourself, that it is not polite or not in “standards”

Word is a big place, Internet is here to make connections, find your group of people that are like you, fuck everything else.

This seems to be rude, but try it, for once and you will get addicted.

WARNING: don’t be an asshole, there is a big difference between implementing your beliefs and your way of living and disrespecting everybody else. Don’t be an ass and fuck this too and let people live their way if the like it like that.


Maybe you don’t need to:

  • Earn as much
  • Achieve as much
  • Do as much
  • Be as much


More about book here →

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