How to get superpowers

How to get superpowers

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Now that you are all relaxed and all we can do some work… But but I don’t have any concentration and my brain are full of youtube, facebook, twitter and stuff like that, I need to see every 5 min what is going on there or I just might die! Now having superpowers that could sustain your concentration for more than 5 min would be great!

Our brains are on a constant fix of information, but they are not built for that. Meditation or some sort of exercises are meant to free you from this fix. First few attempts will be strange since there will be more or fewer thoughts running here and there. In short time, you will gain control over it will feel better.

Here is what to do for the first time:

Sit up straight but comfortable, close your eyes and take a big breath in. Fill your stomach with air and hold it for 2 or 3 sec. Now let it out slowly. Now repeat and follow the air and pay attention to how your body is responding. To prevent your mind from wandering, you can keep them busy with counting. Every breath in is 1 and count to 10 and then go to one again.

If you make it 2 min without thinking about anything else except breath you are good! Click To Tweet

The brain is like a muscle (but it is not!), more than you do something, more they can use this. With this, your concentration and focus will be greatly prolonged.

For easier use and more instruction use or/and

Both sites have mobile applications if you would only try breathing and somebody to tell you when and how this app below is free and great at here job.  

If you would like to dive deeper, invest 20 minutes into this page

Please include attribution to with this graphic.

The 6 Phase Meditation (Infographic)

Next time we will see how the stuff that you learn, sticks with you for life and are not a chore but a pleasure to do.

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