Getting better every day

Getting better every day

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Two years ago, I stumble out of bed and put a coffee in a machine and brush my teeth and then sit on a couch for 10 minutes so I regain my ability to live. I was serious about to invest on machine to get me coffee direct to my arm, so I would get up and get going 🙂

It did not seem healthy…

Something has to change, but what?

Some research and habits come out on top. Fast forward two years and my mornings look like this.

Wake up, go to a toilet, brush your teeth, get a glass of water and put in one of those vitamin pills and then do 10 squats.  Drink water thingy and mark that I did all this (on an app). Awake and alert now, I dress and go to work, happy that I did something for myself and drink coffee at my job and do it for the taste and company but not needing it really.

So how can you do it also?

  1. One change at a time. Choose only one habit at a time. Wake up and drink water.
  2. Make it small. Don’t get drinking 2 l or drink a freshly squeezed juice, since you will not have will power always to do this. Make it easy as possible for you!
  3. Use triggers. You will need to work out what is this for you. For me, stop brushing my teeth → glass of water → squats → drink
  4. To track your progress you can use or Beeminder or habitbull .
  5. Review your progress, this can be the hardest thing, since you will have to admit to some of your failures, but it is the only way to grow and to figure out how can habits work for you and not the other way around.
This is the process that gives a result, time after time. A system that never fails. Click To Tweet

You can then add new habits (squats, meditation, reading…) and developed a life that you will love to live.

Next time, what to eat and what to drink so you can make most of the day since you started it on the right way.

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