Create systems for better life

Create systems for better life

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All these habits and upgrading yourself is very time and energy consuming, so you need to first take care of yourself.I talk about this system all thru this emails and I can’t write enough about it since they are so important for you to be at your best.

I talk about this system all thru this emails and I can’t write enough about it since they are so important for you to be at your best.

My intention for you is that you, move from your comfort zone, try new stuff and find for yourself what works. There are some programs that work, but there is a looooot of stuff that does not.

So I decided to not explain any of stuff that I did not try myself and try to point out system how and why things work.

The system works, they are made out of habits and if you set them up right they will stick with you for the rest of your life. Bringing benefits all day long.

How to start to be amazing

The problem with self-growth is that the results are not there the second that you do it. It takes time, it takes patience and a lot of people give up way before there could be something to grow and show.

If you stick up to this systems, you wake up one day and found out what a difference is it. You internalize these systems and seems like you did it from day 1 of life. The little things that you change, make you happy and that is what is all about.

So for starters, I created e-book called Extraordinary dad. It talks about 6 system you can implement to get more energy to your life.  It’s a quick and easy read. More about it here…

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What systems do you ask?

Well, there are all sorts of systems from productivity to better eating, to keep you moving more and keep your spirits up even if you are deep in shit.

Why do they work?

Simply, because the psychology of the man is made like that.  It’s like when you put your hand on a hot surface and move it as quickly as possible. It’s hard at first to implement this, you will go against your will since our brains are little fucked up, but will profit in the future 100%.

What are some more simple systems?

One of the systems I implemented was my morning one. It looks like this

1.) Wake up and get me a glass of water.

2.) Put a tablet with vitamins in it.

3.) Do 10 squats

4.) Drink my drink

5.) Feel awesome

So this simple system gets your body ready for the day ahead.  You get fluids that you lost during a night, you get your blood flow going and this is a signal for your body to start your day.

If nothing goes right, today at least you have your morning and can find happiness in this. This system will put you ahead of your coworkers who will only start to wake up in the office with the first cup of coffee.

Here are some of the advanced info about creating new systems.

About productivity 

About procrastinating

Stay strong 🙂

p.s If you are not a dad or a parent, you can still read this :) When you become a parent this is just so much more needed 🙂

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