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Work out :)

Work out :)

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Working out is important since all this chemical stuff is going on in your body. Your heart needs it, your brain needs, it but your subconscious says it will be okay, we just need to finish this and watch that, and there goes daylight and you really can’t do any exercise inside since there are people sleeping and tomorrow is another day, better get some sleep now…

Steve Peters in The Chimp Paradox (great book!) says we all have monkeys in our heads. And if the monkey does not like to exercise, you won’t exercise. You can use your willpower, but if it is late in the day, forget about it. So what to do? Well, monkeys are not that smart.  Peters says we have to trick them and yes, offering it a banana will help. Bananas are full of energy and other stuff and we will have more energy to workout.

Exercise your monkey! (no not that monkey)

So in the real world, you have to promise something to the monkey so they behave nicely, and let you do what you need to do.

Example: If we do this, you can have this. In other words, if we go to the gym, we can have that nice burger that is near the gym.

Yeah, I know it is not healthy, but we are working on your workout habits now 😀 .

So you have to give yourself purpose to workout. Have a clear goal. Sometimes goals are not that far ahead and are there more for motivation.

Do yourself a favor and watch this video, if this is the only thing you do today, just take 10 minutes and watch it:

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In this video, an ex-marine explains how to do 700 burpees (exercise designed to make you burp or even throw up, it’s so demanding). Long story short, he trained his monkey (mind!!) that he needed to make only one burpee, and when he is finished, he must do one more again and so on until he reached 700, and then everybody stopped watching and told him to stop 🙂



Have you already become extraordinary?

Insert curse word here

Insert curse word here

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There is a book called f**k it. Star should be polite but they have their own meaning.  In first few pages it says: Even if you only say fuck it and say it out loud and it brings some release and you are calmer then before. The theory that is becoming practice is that we think about things to much, we take on problems that are not important, we insist in jobs that are not right for us, we insist in relationships that are not good for us, but this is easier and we are afraid to move on to better places. Constant stress, constant fear and thinking what I should do know, is she cheating on me, will she leave me, will I get fired, did I do enough, should I do more? This all takes an on your health, problems that are not associated with these emerge and people get sick for no good reason.

So fuck, the job that is making you unhappy, you deserve better, you can get a better job.

Fuck your partner, who does not respect  and love you, there is a lot of fish in the sea

Fuck those people that say you can’t make it.

Fuck those people that say you can’t be yourself, that it is not polite or not in “standards”

Word is a big place, Internet is here to make connections, find your group of people that are like you, fuck everything else.

This seems to be rude, but try it, for once and you will get addicted.

WARNING: don’t be an asshole, there is a big difference between implementing your beliefs and your way of living and disrespecting everybody else. Don’t be an ass and fuck this too and let people live their way if the like it like that.


Maybe you don’t need to:

  • Earn as much
  • Achieve as much
  • Do as much
  • Be as much


More about book here →

Set your mind the right way!

Set your mind the right way!

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You can just scroll the news, and you can see the mindsets of people. Tech guys, that makes something possible that was not possible yesterday. You see politics that are hanging to their theory and are often closed in a bubble. You can see people from all over the world doing something crazy. Now some percent of them all nut jobs. Most of them have a mindset, that everything is possible and they will make everything to make dreams come true.

Lucky for you and me is that this is a thing that can be taught and with little practice, you too can be that guy or girl that will move the earth.

Our mindset is natural to us. It keeps us alive in the most difficult times and can play a role in demanding, but not life threatening, times.  It’s the way we react to the challenges that we have out in the world, and that the world gives us.

You must have heard the expression “keep the positive mind or mindset”. People mistake this as meaning that we always need to be happy, but the truth is that if you are always happy, it’s the same as always being angry or bitter. You are just nuts!! 🙂

So as everything here, you can train your mindset bit by bit and make it more open to new suggestions. Helping you to embrace new healthy habits that you will create for yourself.

In theory, there are two kinds of mind set:

Growth → where people have this naturally, they are more open to new ideas and suggestions, not just political or religious issues, but also have far fewer problems with logical thinking and solving problems in school and work.

Example of growth mindset :

“I’m not sure I can do it now, but I think I can learn to, with time and effort.”

Fixed →

These types of mindsets are fixed in their own mind and don’t like to do it any other way since they are convinced that this is the only true and right way.

Example of fixed mindset:

“What if you fail? — you’ll be a failure.”

So it really depends on how you look at the world, and all the challenges that are there for you to overcome.

Why mindset is better than willpower

Willpower is only a limited source of your activity. You have to use it to get out of bed and to decide what to wear, and which shoes to put on.

So when you come home to do housework, play with the children and enjoy your evening with your significant other or go jogging … Your willpower is depleted, and all you can do is sit on the couch and mindlessly watch TV.

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But if you have a smart mindset you can trick your body into doing something, that would normally see impossible!

“Baah, it’s too hot/cold/windy to go jogging. ”

“I will clean this up later. ”

“I will fix this on a weekend when I have more time. “

The weekend comes, the weekend goes, and that thing is still not fixed. Sound familiar?

With the right mindset and right growth of habits, those things will “do itself” and you will still have more energy and more time for other things. Including hanging out in your back garden and drinking beer 🙂

Take away and to do’s:

Think about which mindset you are accustomed to?

Do you think you can change these things in life?



zzzz Sleep zzzz

zzzz Sleep zzzz

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Sleep is very important for your body and mind. Lots of people think of sleep as a waste of time. They try to sleep as little as possible, but that is the opposite of what they should do. Ideal sleep for someone in their 20s to 70s is about 7 to 9 hours per night.
This amount is what you need to have for your body to do the things necessary for your productivity and living in general.
There are also other methods on how to reach this amount per day. There is polycyclic sleep, where you take “naps” every few hours. This can reduce the block of time you have to actually sleep. This process is very demanding. You have to be able to do this every day. If you like to have guests over, or you work 9 to 5, you can’t just say “Hey, it’s my time to take a nap!” and then go to sleep. It is good training if you can fall asleep in a very short time – in fact, some people that did this reported that they can black out in a few seconds.

How to sleep better?

So there are:
1.)  Set a time for sleep, the same time every night. It should be realistic, like 11 pm.Having a goal of going to sleep at 8 pm is just not realistic since you will be too awake and you won’t actually be able to sleep. This time is important since you need to train your brain to shut down. Your wake up time should also be the same time every day if you can.
Example: If you go to sleep at 11 pm, you should be able to wake between 6 am and 8 am.
There is also a risk to your health if you sleep too much.
2.)   Try to keep your room dark. Light plays a big role in sleeping, which is why we go to sleep at night and not during the day. In modern day, we have too many light sources on various devices we use, and it is messing with our brains. So to convince our brains to go to sleep faster, you have to avoid light as much as possible in the last half an hour before bed. Yes, this is not easy with so much TV, computers, tablets, and phones around us, but you can use technology to your own good! LCDs emit blue light which tells our brains that they need to be awake!
So, watching TV to unwind is hurting you, more than helping you. You can read a book or a comic in that half an hour before bed. You can also meditate. You can also switch off that annoying blue light through various apps. One of this apps can be found here.
3.) Keep your room as cool as possible. The ideal temperature is 18.5 degrees Celsius, or 65 degrees Fahrenheit. You can work out what temperature works best for you as you sleep.
4.) Get some exercise. Studies suggest that if you exercise during the day, you release enough hormones that will make you fall asleep sooner and better. Working out in the morning is ok, but the effect is likely to wear off by the time you go to sleep. Exercising too late will keep your brain active and you will have problems falling asleep.
5.) Make your bedroom just for sleeping. Train your brain to recognize that when you lay in bed, your are ready for sleep. The bed is not for eating or for working on your computer.
If you have problems falling asleep, you can use some apps like or or Again, you have to train your brain to go to sleep mode on request. These apps will help you to not think of the tomorrow’s problems or today’s troubles, – relax and do the only thing possible….sleep!
This is the video that explains more about sleep and why it’s important:

Get some sleep become extraordinary and then we will talk about how to get your body moving 🙂
Getting better every day

Getting better every day

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Two years ago, I stumble out of bed and put a coffee in a machine and brush my teeth and then sit on a couch for 10 minutes so I regain my ability to live. I was serious about to invest on machine to get me coffee direct to my arm, so I would get up and get going 🙂

It did not seem healthy…

Something has to change, but what?

Some research and habits come out on top. Fast forward two years and my mornings look like this.

Wake up, go to a toilet, brush your teeth, get a glass of water and put in one of those vitamin pills and then do 10 squats.  Drink water thingy and mark that I did all this (on an app). Awake and alert now, I dress and go to work, happy that I did something for myself and drink coffee at my job and do it for the taste and company but not needing it really.

So how can you do it also?

  1. One change at a time. Choose only one habit at a time. Wake up and drink water.
  2. Make it small. Don’t get drinking 2 l or drink a freshly squeezed juice, since you will not have will power always to do this. Make it easy as possible for you!
  3. Use triggers. You will need to work out what is this for you. For me, stop brushing my teeth → glass of water → squats → drink
  4. To track your progress you can use or Beeminder or habitbull .
  5. Review your progress, this can be the hardest thing, since you will have to admit to some of your failures, but it is the only way to grow and to figure out how can habits work for you and not the other way around.
This is the process that gives a result, time after time. A system that never fails. Click To Tweet

You can then add new habits (squats, meditation, reading…) and developed a life that you will love to live.

Next time, what to eat and what to drink so you can make most of the day since you started it on the right way.

Create systems for better life

Create systems for better life

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All these habits and upgrading yourself is very time and energy consuming, so you need to first take care of yourself.I talk about this system all thru this emails and I can’t write enough about it since they are so important for you to be at your best.

I talk about this system all thru this emails and I can’t write enough about it since they are so important for you to be at your best.

My intention for you is that you, move from your comfort zone, try new stuff and find for yourself what works. There are some programs that work, but there is a looooot of stuff that does not.

So I decided to not explain any of stuff that I did not try myself and try to point out system how and why things work.

The system works, they are made out of habits and if you set them up right they will stick with you for the rest of your life. Bringing benefits all day long.

How to start to be amazing

The problem with self-growth is that the results are not there the second that you do it. It takes time, it takes patience and a lot of people give up way before there could be something to grow and show.

If you stick up to this systems, you wake up one day and found out what a difference is it. You internalize these systems and seems like you did it from day 1 of life. The little things that you change, make you happy and that is what is all about.

So for starters, I created e-book called Extraordinary dad. It talks about 6 system you can implement to get more energy to your life.  It’s a quick and easy read. More about it here…

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What systems do you ask?

Well, there are all sorts of systems from productivity to better eating, to keep you moving more and keep your spirits up even if you are deep in shit.

Why do they work?

Simply, because the psychology of the man is made like that.  It’s like when you put your hand on a hot surface and move it as quickly as possible. It’s hard at first to implement this, you will go against your will since our brains are little fucked up, but will profit in the future 100%.

What are some more simple systems?

One of the systems I implemented was my morning one. It looks like this

1.) Wake up and get me a glass of water.

2.) Put a tablet with vitamins in it.

3.) Do 10 squats

4.) Drink my drink

5.) Feel awesome

So this simple system gets your body ready for the day ahead.  You get fluids that you lost during a night, you get your blood flow going and this is a signal for your body to start your day.

If nothing goes right, today at least you have your morning and can find happiness in this. This system will put you ahead of your coworkers who will only start to wake up in the office with the first cup of coffee.

Here are some of the advanced info about creating new systems.

About productivity 

About procrastinating

Stay strong 🙂

p.s If you are not a dad or a parent, you can still read this :) When you become a parent this is just so much more needed 🙂

How to get superpowers

How to get superpowers

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Now that you are all relaxed and all we can do some work… But but I don’t have any concentration and my brain are full of youtube, facebook, twitter and stuff like that, I need to see every 5 min what is going on there or I just might die! Now having superpowers that could sustain your concentration for more than 5 min would be great!

Our brains are on a constant fix of information, but they are not built for that. Meditation or some sort of exercises are meant to free you from this fix. First few attempts will be strange since there will be more or fewer thoughts running here and there. In short time, you will gain control over it will feel better.

Here is what to do for the first time:

Sit up straight but comfortable, close your eyes and take a big breath in. Fill your stomach with air and hold it for 2 or 3 sec. Now let it out slowly. Now repeat and follow the air and pay attention to how your body is responding. To prevent your mind from wandering, you can keep them busy with counting. Every breath in is 1 and count to 10 and then go to one again.

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The brain is like a muscle (but it is not!), more than you do something, more they can use this. With this, your concentration and focus will be greatly prolonged.

For easier use and more instruction use or/and

Both sites have mobile applications if you would only try breathing and somebody to tell you when and how this app below is free and great at here job.  

If you would like to dive deeper, invest 20 minutes into this page

Please include attribution to with this graphic.

The 6 Phase Meditation (Infographic)

Next time we will see how the stuff that you learn, sticks with you for life and are not a chore but a pleasure to do.

Sometimes you just need to relax

Sometimes you just need to relax

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When I was in high school, I had some problems with school, my grades were not as they should be and my dad asked me. “Do you know how to learn”. At that time I was sure that I know the answer. “Sure dad, whatever dad, no problem dad” I answered, meaning I got this no problem. You just open a book read what is there and try to remember this next day. Got it! But as you may know from your own experience this is not how this goes. So I struggle and struggle and somehow got thru this high school mess.

Going to college was more or less the same thing, then I realized that I need to have a system, that there have to be better ways for me to do this and this is how my journey of improving myself started. With plans, goals, hard work, goofing and all other college things.

But as much as learning and hard work, that you can read all about it how to be productive and how can you do more in less time, people seems to forget how to relax. Sure thing dad… I just lay down in front of TV and wait for 2 hours and voila, relaxed and ready to go. Well not so fast. With age comes less time for regeneration and need to have more quality time for myself.

The question is how do you relax in short amount and max effect?

Not an easy one to answer…

Here are some ideas:

Go for a walk. This can be done alone so you can munch on what was your day like, what to do what to forget and so on. You can do it with girlfriend/friend, you can tell what was your day like, make some plans and be in a company of somebody that you like.

Go for a run. Get that heart pumping and break a sweat, when you are thinking about losing a lounge or how your feet hearts all other problems are not there. Fun times

Not for sports? Try meditation. Use program like calm or headspace. 10 min a day is enough to rewire your brain and lift that spirits up. Another option is that you listen to and just do nothing much brain intensive.

We are not barbarians, so we watch TV of course. But watch something interesting. Shows that have a great grade. IMDB 7 + and while you do that, don’t do anything else. Be fully there appreciate every joke and every event. You will get more out of it. Set some rules, I will watch 2 shows and then I’m going to do this and that.

Read a book, comic book, magazine,…

This are just a few suggestions. Explore what you like and do more of it
Next week we are going to see how you can start meditating and if this is for you or is this just a big box of nothing.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email I read and reply all emails.