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The Unconventional Guide to Sleep

The Unconventional Guide to Sleep

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You know what you have to do to be more productive? More happy, have more energy and live your dreams?  To be smarter and more nice person, not a grumpy old fart that hates everybody from coworkers to the boss to partner at home?

It’s one of the things everybody does it, but our lifestyle destroyed it! Reclaim your happiness back!

How? Get some sleep 🙂 When I was in kindergarten we have to sleep after lunch, I had too much energy for that, boy what will I give now to somebody to offer me 20 minutes sleep after lunch 🙂

Our life’s, got busy, we need to work, we need to hang out with our friends and we need to keep up with our tv shows, so the sleep and eating food got sidetracked. But as this two things got far away from us so is our health

What  will you learn in this article?

  • What you have to do before you go to bed to have a good night sleep?


  • What is happening with you when you are sleeping


  • What to do to wake up refreshed and full of energy


  • and many more tips and tricks 🙂


Let’s get started

Our brain is producing a hormone melatonin, which tells our body it is time to go to sleep mode and the body can do some very important task of maintaining our body. This is going on since we lived in caves, so when the sun got down, this was the sign to get home and lie down. The brain produced this hormone and everybody got sleepy and went to bed.

But then we invented a light and electricity and we prolong our days with artificial lights, our brains got confused and the result is that we are not sleepy at 23:00 and would just surf a little and watch  tv just 10 min more.  

We go to bed at 1:00 and wake up at 7:00 cursing everybody and everything. There are people willing to kill anybody that is speaking to the theme before the first coffee and that is not a healthy way of living 🙂 I could get arrested sooner or later so something had to change.

So here is my quest for better sleep:

Before sleep

1.) Respect the dark

I installed on my android device Twilight. This is an app that removes the blue light from our LCD monitors, this blue light is preventing brains from creating melatonin. This is a smart app that turns its self on when your sun is down.

You can use Fulx for your PC or MAC for big screens. Your monitor will get somehow more of yellow color, but that is okay. Point is that this production of melatonin is not started the minute you turn down the light, but it takes from 1 to 2 hours. You can feel this as turning around in bed, not being sleepy and have too much energy in the evening.

Close your blinds or get a curtain that does not let the light thru. This will help your brain to maintain the production of hormone and your sleep. Keep TV and most electronic out of the bedroom, not because of some radiation or something, but LED lights on this things could upset your sleep.

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