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What is mindset and why do you really care?

What is mindset and why do you really care?

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Your brain is tricking you

What is the difference between people that succeed and people that don’t? It’s their way of thinking, it’s the logic of their brain and how they work and think.

Luckily for the rest of us, these things can be thought, they can be trained and used for the good or evil. Science calls it mindset and you have a mindset no mater what, but you can have fixed or growing mindset.

The ones with fixed mindset are set in their way and are not in favor to do something different and think out of the box. That does not mean they are stupid or have low IQ or something like that. It just means that do not welcome new ideas and how stuff should be done.

The ones with growing mindset accept new ideas and the new way of thinking. Here it has to be said that new ideas and the new ways of thinking are not always right, but if you let them come in your mind they give you something to think about and accept or refuse that way of thinking.

Open mindset also allows for out of the box thinking. It solves problems and finds the creative solutions to the unsolved or already solved problems.



Which one are you? Do believe that your political favorite was always right? Do you think that what you think is always correct? Do you use “my way or highway” phrase? You always do as you are told and never question why? Are you answered yes to those questions, there is a chance that you have a fixed mindset.

What should you do about it? If this bothers you there are plenty of ways how you can go to a growing mindset. If this does not bother you than stop reading this article since it just a waste of your time.

Fixed or growth mindset?

Still here? Good! Now as for all things, there is no such thing as fixed mind all the way or growing and nothing but growing. So start to look for some patterns where your mindset is a little bit fixed and where you have the ability to grow.

Mindset quotes


Surprisingly the areas where you are more professional, there is more of the fixed mind since you invested a lot of time and energy and you are not very happy if somebody is coming down with just the opposite theory of yours. This is the time to remind yourself to practice this growing mindset and open mindset.

How? Just listen to the person ask him some questions and then decide if he is worth of trust or not. Since you can’t know everything that is to know maybe he has some new information that will help you in your professional or personal life.

The other way of keeping your mindset more open is to have positive affirmations.

  • I believe in myself completely
  • I am highly motivated and productive
  • I always work hard
  • I am doing work that I enjoy and I find it fulfilling.
  • I play a big role in my own career success.
  • I ask for and I do meaningful, wonderful and rewarding work.
  • I engage in work that impacts this world positively.
  • I believe in my ability to change the world with the work that I do.
  • This day brings me nothing but joy.
  • Today will be a gorgeous day to remember.


When your mind is open to this kind of stuff you can achieve many great things.

When faced with the problem, you realize that this is a problem, but you already construct how to solve it, because you know that you will find a solution sooner or later.

All you need is some training and to believe this can and will help you.

You can print it and stick it on your mirror to see it in the morning or you can use service like and have computer send you text to your mobile or email each day to remind you that you are one of a kind and worth all the trouble 🙂

Since a picture tells more than 1000 words, here are a few. And also, a video, if you decide to skip the text and go for a video 🙂




Interesting video, how they do experiments with mindsets.

The Unconventional Guide to Sleep

The Unconventional Guide to Sleep

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You know what you have to do to be more productive? More happy, have more energy and live your dreams?  To be smarter and more nice person, not a grumpy old fart that hates everybody from coworkers to the boss to partner at home?

It’s one of the things everybody does it, but our lifestyle destroyed it! Reclaim your happiness back!

How? Get some sleep 🙂 When I was in kindergarten we have to sleep after lunch, I had too much energy for that, boy what will I give now to somebody to offer me 20 minutes sleep after lunch 🙂

Our life’s, got busy, we need to work, we need to hang out with our friends and we need to keep up with our tv shows, so the sleep and eating food got sidetracked. But as this two things got far away from us so is our health

What  will you learn in this article?

  • What you have to do before you go to bed to have a good night sleep?


  • What is happening with you when you are sleeping


  • What to do to wake up refreshed and full of energy


  • and many more tips and tricks 🙂


Let’s get started

Our brain is producing a hormone melatonin, which tells our body it is time to go to sleep mode and the body can do some very important task of maintaining our body. This is going on since we lived in caves, so when the sun got down, this was the sign to get home and lie down. The brain produced this hormone and everybody got sleepy and went to bed.

But then we invented a light and electricity and we prolong our days with artificial lights, our brains got confused and the result is that we are not sleepy at 23:00 and would just surf a little and watch  tv just 10 min more.  

We go to bed at 1:00 and wake up at 7:00 cursing everybody and everything. There are people willing to kill anybody that is speaking to the theme before the first coffee and that is not a healthy way of living 🙂 I could get arrested sooner or later so something had to change.

So here is my quest for better sleep:

Before sleep

1.) Respect the dark

I installed on my android device Twilight. This is an app that removes the blue light from our LCD monitors, this blue light is preventing brains from creating melatonin. This is a smart app that turns its self on when your sun is down.

You can use Fulx for your PC or MAC for big screens. Your monitor will get somehow more of yellow color, but that is okay. Point is that this production of melatonin is not started the minute you turn down the light, but it takes from 1 to 2 hours. You can feel this as turning around in bed, not being sleepy and have too much energy in the evening.

Close your blinds or get a curtain that does not let the light thru. This will help your brain to maintain the production of hormone and your sleep. Keep TV and most electronic out of the bedroom, not because of some radiation or something, but LED lights on this things could upset your sleep.

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Why Creating Habits Will Make You Question Everything

Why Creating Habits Will Make You Question Everything

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One day I wake up, like all the other mornings, but I was determined to stay awake and be productive and when I saw a couch in my living room, I could not go past him without saying hello and sit there for just 5 minutes, it would be rude. So I set and soon I would lie and soon it would be 45 minutes and not 5 and I just overslept again. Ahhhh story of my life.

But next night I was even more determined to wake up productive, so I thought about it and say, why don’t I take a picture thru my window and post it to facebook, this will give me enough time to become awake and not go back to sleep.  I took pictures of my morning for 30 days and posting it to facebook without anything else 🙂 And friends started to ask why? Here is my answer 🙂


The first question you have to make when creating habits is why. Why the fuck do you want to do it? It is a simple question, but it brings an important question! If you have an enough important reason, then you have much more chance for habits to stick, since when you hit the wall of “ufff I don’t feel like it” you can remind yourself what, are you doing this for.

Do you want to quit smoking? Why?  Because is bad for you? Because the sticker on your box say so? Did you saw an ad on TV?  Those are all reasons but are not very good ones, they are not personal.

More personal are like: I like to run, but I can’t because my lungs don’t let me. I like to go  into mountains, but I get too much without air when I walk or I give my kids a bad example of what they should do in their life. This are all your personal reasons which are more connected with you, so when your good or bad habit starts think about this and think about how you feel and if you would like to feel like this.


One of the mornings when I woke up.
One of the mornings when I woke up.

How to find triggers

Okey, now that we know, why we are doing this, let see when can we do this.

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